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Make the Class InterestingA forty five minute period, wherein a teacher just speaks and students only hear, is not at all exciting. It's important that the students themselves participate in the process, thus making the period an interactive session instead of a dull lecture. Your classroom management strategies should also include effective teaching strategies, which would keep the students glued to the topic. As a teacher you can plan a few activities in the classroom, which will make children get up from their seat and interact with teachers as well as fellow students. Don't forget that the students have a lot of pent up energy, which has to be released. Avoid taking the class for full forty five minutes, you can ensure that the last 10 minutes of the class time are spent in discussions. foosball coffee table walmart 32BCES 0142212. 261BLJS 1018415. 842BLUS 302946. 162BLES 000136. 63. 521NPUB 311291. 14BLUS 302197. 312BLJM 603225. 351NPUB 313480. 0. 9061BLJM 610300. [[CUSTOM-CODE


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